There are a number of websites which are infected with malware, both WordPress and non-WordPress websites. It can damage business as well as hackers can steal data of business and of the user as well. The website can be destroyed which can affect brand reputation.

The website owner should follow security practices to avoid being hacked. One of the important steps is to start using a WordPress security Plugin. This will help you harden security and also block attacks on the website.

Following are the Best WordPress security plugins to use for Your Business Websites:

  • Sucuri Security – It is available in both paid and free versions for users. But the free version is used most of the time and in this plugin comes with security activity auditing for seeing how the plugin is protecting. And it is also can be used as a complement to existing security measures.
  • Wordfence Security – This plugin is one of the most popular as it allows to see traffic updates and hack attempts. It also comes with blocking feature which blocks entire wicked networks which can threat website.
  • Bulletproof Security – It is a very user-friendly security Plugin. It is a single click solution against RFI, SQL injection, XSS and also perfect for beginner WordPress users. It also has a setup of auto fixed feature to help it a little easier.
  • All in One WP Security & Firewall – It is a 360-degree security solution for websites. It focuses on attacked forces and has the range to fight off the most common website attacks. This is highly visual; security plugin with graphs to help beginners to understand metrics like what needs to be done to make a website stronger.
  • iThemes Security – This bans users who had tried to attack other websites. It provides protection against brute force attacks. It has a focus on plugin vulnerabilities, old software and weak passwords.
  • Vaultpress – It works similar to other security Plugins but its plans are cheaper and affordable. Such plans are for startups and bloggers. This plugin also backs up every post, comment, file and settings very effectively on websites. It also ensures that the website is protected against damages, malware, hackers etc.
  • Secupress – This security Plugin has great UI and easy to use. It prevents malware, block bots. The free version also featured with anti-brute force login, blocked IPs and protect with security keys.
  • Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication – It is very secured and easy to use. It has a second layer of protection in the login module which can save a website with great protection. Besides regular password, it also notifies through push notification to your mobile or uses some other mode for authentication.

If you’re looking for a secure website, then you should go for WordPress. You can hire a professional to build a customized and secure WordPress business website for you. Choose the Best WordPress Development company and just for it to succeed your Business to the next level.

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