Web development services are very much popular now the days due to high competition in business entrepreneurs. Web development is necessity for every business and individual to compete with their
competitors and to be on number one on Search Engines.When a developer sell services then it turns to a challenge to sell products which must be marketed, created & delivered. It’s little difficult for designer, but selling has to be done for surviving as an independent professional.

Selling anything online can be a challenge. Although there are opportunities but many people attempting to sell the same thing, the competition is quite high. With so many freelancers & web service providers, it’s hard to stand among masses.

Ways to sell web services:

Sell utility of a website: Web Developers always focus on the designing of a website but client’s concern is always belong to result in the form of returns on their investment and increased customer satisfaction. So, your website must fulfil their needs and show your client how you can help them in making money. Website may be a investment for smaller companies, so it’s necessary to that they necessary common statistics such as number of people online as well as people who are using their phones to browse internet which can help in selling web services.

Authenticity: This means being willing to remain an individual rather make yourself look larger than you are. While selling your services, be honest and let potential customer see you and your work. Make good relationships with clients which will make easier for you to sell your services without even asking.

Teach your clients: Potential & current customers can be recommended some of the things they can accomplish with a professionally built website:

  • Bill Payments
  • Sales
  • Options of subscriptions:
  • Management of Content
  • Newsletter registrations

These options aren’t available in DIY and clients may not be educated enough to grow their business. It is about how well you understand your clients’ need and can use technology to help them.

Make Products: As most clients prefer to buy products but one way to sell more services is to design them to look like products. Making products in the form of packages improves efficiency, help deliver a consistent product and prevents you from taking on projects that are not in your scope of interests.

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