AngularJS is an open source back end JavaScript framework, maintained by Google that is especially used for dynamic web applications and APIs. It lets you use HTML as your template language and to
extend HTML syntax to express your application’s components clearly. With Angularjs tiy can setup end to end web and mobile applications quickly and easily. Its’ a really good platform to build custom web applications, mobile applications and cross-platform applications with cutting edge tools and applications.

As responsive websites’ demands are increasing, people now want flexible web applications and mobile apps with high end user experience. AngularJS allows creating rich applications and offers tools to build extendable applications. To develop any app, you need 80% coding part to run your app that is too difficult to write down and manage but with AngularJs you can make it so easy. AngularJs has the feature of data binding that helps to reduce the coding part, that save developer’s time and efforts both and cost effective too. It provides in-build creative and responsive templates to make your web app interactive and to get attention of your valuable customers. You just need to choose one of your choice and can make modifications as necessary. Instead of app building, its testing is also easy with AngularJs.

Technologies You should Learn to Run AngularJS:

  • 1. Full Knowledge about HTML, CSS & Javascript codes
  • 2. Experience with MVC Concepts – Model View Control
  • 3. Should know about DOM – Documentation Object Model
  • 4. Javascript tools, integrations, functions and Events handling

Here are some advantages of using AngularJs:

  • 1. It has 2-way data binding capability
  • 2. Directives can be used to build custom widgets
  • 3. Helps in localization & Internationalization.
  • 4. It helps in building Rich Internet Application (RIA) by writting less code.
  • 5. It provides Built-In unit testing and end-2-end testing environment
  • 6. It supports HTML Vocabulary
  • 7. Easy to learn and use
  • 8. So Easy to understand by anyone
  • 9. Code is too easy to use and execute

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