Years ago, when businesses started using web to represent their business , that time only a website was enough for the existence of you business but as technology growing, a website can’t handle your business individually. You need to make more efforts to stand out of your competitors. Instead of only a website, you need its proper marketing to build a strong customer base and you need to plan a creative strategy to beat your competitors. In short, you need a good authority for your website that is really hard to build and it’s a time taking process.

For better authority, you need to work on various things like A great layout of website to grab user’s attention for long time, user friendly web structure so that user can navigate your website easily as per their requirement, Presence of your business among your audience via social channels or SEO channels, Proper backlinks, great reputation among web, website’s high loading speed etc. Rest you can track results every time and can modify your marketing strategies to enhance your profits.

Apart of that, it’s highly important to evaluate your company’s website regularly to get the effective outputs.  Here I have shared some important metrics that need to be consider to enhance your business profits:

1. Website’s Loading Speed

Your website should have great loading speed so that user’s won’t wait to navigate your page. There are a lot of website’s that you can use to know your website’s speed: Google’s PageSpeed Insights , GTMetrix, Pingdom

2. Track Google Analytics

Link Google Analytics to your website as it’s a powerful to track everything that comes to your website like new users, direct users, referral users, Daily Clicks, traffic channels(Organic, Paid or Social), pages that you’re targeting more, on which page you’re getting more traffic, target keywords, search queries, bounce rate and page events or time. Apart of that, you can setup the Goals on your Analytics to track your website’s conversions.

  1. Use Google Search Console to Evaluate Your Backlinks

    Evaluate your Google Search console regularly and use the search queries for your website to get more clicks on your website and backlinks. Go through your Search console and download Excel sheet of inbound links to check your backlinks to make sure that none of them should be flagged by Google.

    Apart of these above tools, there are many more website that you can use to check your website’s current status and its performance on web and can make changes on your website accordingly.

    Regular Tools to Check Your Website’s Performance:


    Though these sites you can track everything and collect the necessary data about it.

    So overall website’s evaluation is necessary. If you need any help with your website’s evaluation you can get in touch with Digital4design: A leading Web Design & Web Development Company in India.

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