Javascript is client side scripting language and front & back end web development technology that is use to create customized real time web applications. Javascript code included within the HTML page along with the script that sent to browser to run this code.  Javascript is very popular now the days due to its advanced features that are helpful to build web pages and to execute the dynamic content among web pages. It’s a necessity part to build an interactive web design and very easy to use. It is being used widely now the days because it helps to developers to build dynamic web pages and client-side scripts execution. Developers include run time cross platform engines like Node.js to write down the server side code with Javascript.

Javascript consists a lot of fromaworks like NodeJs, AngularJs, ReactJs that helps to reduce the human efforts, cost and time to build websites and applications. It becomes easy to build large websites with Javascript and its advanced features. Most of browsers support Javascript and helps to represent the dynamic content with impressively on the web pages. Whoever plans to develop a good website should learn Javascript to add functionality into their websites and web applications. In Worpress, Java has its own themes and plugins like jQuery, Underscore.js, JSON and backbone.js.

So whenever you are going to plan your website with Javascript, you should keep following things in your mind:

1. Select the appropriate Javascript framework as per your need as mentioned below:


For any web developer, it necessary to understand the all three coding languages: HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can complete your website easily if you are experienced with these coding languages and Javascript frameworks. So to complete your website, choose the necessary framework. Also, if you are working on front end of website then you can choose any of framework but if its backend, then you should go for NodeJS as you can use it write down the code on server side along with Javascript.

2. Browser Compatibility

Javascript has the feature of compatibility to all browsers that become easy for every user to access their website or web application from any browser of their own choice and it will look same on all browsers. You just do need to add the Javascript to see overall functionality of any website or web application.

3. Easy to Learn and Use

Javascript is an easy language to learn and to use it for any website and web application, either it’s a small one or large. Also, Javascript has its own frameworks with embedded codes so you don’t need to write down the codes from yourself that helps to save time and efforts too. Javascript has own editors that rectify the coding errors if it found any.

4. Embedded with Frameworks and Libraries

Javascript has its own frameworks and libraries to helps developers during their designing and development part. Using these libraries and frameworks, you can build websites and applications quickly without any errors and its cost effective too. You can include Bootstrap, AngularJS and jQuery as well to complete development part.

Javascript has many other features too like it’s also used for mobile pages and responsive structure to any browser. Users can use it from any device or their smartphones and layout will remain same. So this is how Javascript becomes so popular among the developers to build their applications on high scale along with their features like faster speed, reliability, cost effective and overall performance.

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