For Every designer or Developer, it must to be keeping himself/herself up to date about the upcoming trends of web design and web development to make their client’s website more representive, responsive and to gather the high quality outputs. Every business concerned person needs an appealing look and user friendly layout for their website to enhance the overall profits. They always expected great user experience and creative web pages to retain audience on their website for long time that also helpful to reduce the overall bounce rate to their website. So overall web design is all about the creativity. With upcoming year, web design comes with more creative ways as mentioned below:

Upcoming Trends of Web Design are:

1. Rotating Videos or 3D Videos: Instead of content, rotating videos or 3D animations for their products or services to attract users more and user visit them again and again due to their curiosity and it helps to keep user on their website for long. Instead of videos, we can rotate content Titles and call-out pop-ups as well.

2. New Scrolling Techniques: Designers using different scrolling than the natural one, now the days for better user experience. To attract users, they prefer to use horizontal scrolling instead of vertical scrolling. It’s also called non-traditional scrolling that has many other forms as well to scroll that designers will prefer to use in future to grab user’s attention.

3. Encourage Users with Website’s Interactive Layout: Website’s look will be always on priority as before as users always attract towards the creative layout. Creative layout, its features and website’s structure always helps to encourage more users.

4. Diagonal Lines to Separate Page Sections: Diagonal lines using now the days instead of horizontal and straight lines as it helps to retain the user on website for long by scrolling down the website though its entire length and will help to enhance the number of users.

5. Triggered 3D Animations: Scrolling animations getting more attention, now the days that also helps to gather the huge of user engagement and to increase overall conversion rate. It is a creative process as user point of view. User can click on it or scroll down to go through the entire website easily.

6. Creative Colors: Color combination is necessity for any website to enhance its overall look and to make it more creative and user friendly. Everyone needs a branded look to their business website, for their products and services to get interact with more users. Due to its user friendly nature, user can easily visit complete website as per their needs and deeds that is really beneficial from traffic point of view on website.

7. Attractive and Informative Titles: Bold and large font titles are good option to tell user about your business, products and services. No one have so much time to go through the overall content to get know about the website. So for same reason, titles with large font size is really good option to simplify your products or services. User can read it fast and can understand it easily.

So if you are looking to get your website to new level, then you can consult us today!!


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