In 2019, to get noticed in such a strong competitive world, new trends in web development must be accepted. Latest technologies are not only necessary but more helpful in developing websites. New advancements and breakthroughs surprises and set new trends. Developers and users are always excited for new frameworks and latest updates on the web development and designs for software applications.

Following are the new trends about Web Development of 2019:

  • Chatbots – They enhances online support by providing more convenience to customers. It gives benefits by providing 24/7 services and also satisfies them. With this representative salary also can be saved.
  • Blockchain – Like Bitcoin, blockchain also following the same path. It has been designed to lower financial cost, reduce financial transactions. Blockchain technology provides online transaction with high security and also promise to utilize data storage to allow users to store in different locations around the globe. It doesn’t need intermediaries.
  • Push notification – Push notification is also a big help in websites other than mobile apps. With its help product or service can be reached to the number of viewers and it also helps in grabbing the attention of customers. It allows informing regarding discounts and other activities to regular customers.
  • Motion UI – Motion UI is in trend for its animated charts, amazing animation and in great demand for web designs. It’s one of the most rapidly gaining popularity libraries because it enables developers to animate content as easy as possible.
  • Single-Page Application (SPA) – SPA removes the need of reloading the web page while in use by loading all content via Javascript. It boosts performance and reduce interruptions and works well among user devices. It’s an excellent pick when building responsive websites, support mobile, tablet & desktop apps.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) – IOT devices are increasing rapidly these days. And to provide better customer services, IOT devices must be connected with the website. Although only a few websites have an IoT integration, it is worth mentioning that it promises to thrive in the coming days.

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